February 2012

US Retailers post sales today

Feb 2, 2012 9:52 AM
Nadav Scheinbach

US retailers posted sales today, and for the most part numbers are up, consumer confidence seems to be rising, and the future looks promising. Check detailed results here in the Wall Street Journal. 


JC Penney and the future of retail

Feb 1, 2012 9:47 AM
Nadav Scheinbach

 JC Penney from a stock perspective has had quite a turnaround. Its shares have seen quite a spike since it announced that it may save nearly 900 million over the next few years, thanks largely to a modified and revamped marketing structure. Having hired the former boss of the Apple retail stores,as well as the marketing for Target stores previously,  JC Penney is  trying to simplify the shopping experience for the customer, save themselves much needed capital in unneeded marketing campaigns, and allow themselves to project sales in an easier manner. The premise behind this move is to, for the most part, eliminate sales and discount days, by offering a program they call: "Fair and Square" pricing, ultimately meaning that instead of offering a product for sale during promotion, or through coupon, they will offer an everday low price of the product, ultimately keeping the sale lasting forever.

This is an interesting proposition to say the least, essentially shifting the mindset of its consumer, and raises a very thoughtful debate of the consumer seeking fair priced sale items versus the actual hunt for a good deal. Resultantly, consumer reaction has thus far been mixed with some loving the idea, while others not understanding its merits.

JC Penney has said that they will continue to offer sales from time to time, but one has to admire a company that has taken quite a beating over the past few years, even recording deep losses for the most previous fiscal quarter, making a concerted effort to reinvent the way they do business. It may in fact be evolutionary, and interesting to pay attention to nonetheless.




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